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June 23rd, 2013, 12:11
Originally Posted by Korplem View Post
Are you consciously trying to be a contrarian? If you really believe that they are too expensive, what is that in relation to? Steam sales make games stupidly cheap, in my opinion.
Are you consciously trying to make me a contrarian? Stop being narrowminded if you want to understand other people - and accept that opinions can differ without people being contrarian.

It's in relation to games elsewhere. I'm not talking about sales - but about newly released games.

Lots of places have sales - and as much as people want to make Steam unique in that way, it's not - so that's bullshit.

The difference is that Steam sales tend to be very large - but less frequent. All sites I know of have sales or frequent cheap offers. Steam just does it big - and that makes everyone jump up and down with glee - but the end result is the same.

That said, it probably has less to do with Steam and more to do with the US/EU pricing inconsistencies. For whatever reason, 40$ becomes 40 Euro - which is pretty stupid.

But in 9 out of 10 cases - a newly released game (that's not an indie game or whatever) is significantly cheaper elsewhere. Sometimes you have to look around a bit, and I have lots of sites I visit for this purpose. GOG, Gamersgate, Greenmangaming and so on. Obviously, lots of CD key sites are cheaper still, but that's another matter.

I haven't EVER found Steam cheaper - and in that 1 out of 10 cases, it's the same price.

If you think having open eyes is being contrarian - then I'll leave you to it.




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