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June 23rd, 2013, 16:49
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
Looks OK with Stalker atmosphere and driving vehicles. They should have included the actual gameplay with their kickstarter presentation instead of the blury videos.

Problem is: there are already Stalker games in 1st person with tons of atmosphere and excellent mechanics, and there is Wasteland 2 coming for those who like isometric games. I can't see what sets this game apart from the above.
Never played Stalker, but my understanding is it's a straight up shooter. Frozen State is a RPG. Players can freely switch between real-time and tactical mode at any time. "The tactical mode allows pausing to aim precisely at any part of the body, sometimes dealing more damage and producing less noise". Wasteland 2 is a purely turn-based RPG. So while it may not be something that interests you, it is something different.

I generally dislike first person games; they're usually clunky and give me a headache, so I like that this is first person. In the pre-alpha video, AI hasn't been given to the enemies yet, they're just programmed to run straight towards the player character. I think third person can be very immersive as long as the game play is good.
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