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June 23rd, 2013, 21:12
Originally Posted by Mr Smiley View Post
Nonsense. Don't you know that the most erogenous zone of all is your brain? Erotica only needs to stimulate your imagination. Regular porn doesn't stimulate the senses beyond sound and vision anyway.
What a cop-out. Do you ejaculate by thinking? Try again, please.

If you want it as alternative porn - then fine, but I thought you were talking about something interesting.

Sure, you can stimulate imagination - but you don't need much at all for that. Especially if we're talking the male audience here. All you need is a pair of breasts - or a hot bit of text for that.

Creating an entire game with sophisticated gameplay just to turn people on seems like a massive waste of time to me.

As mentioned, I could imagine something like a game based upon Piers Anthony's Cluster series, where your character would have to figure out an alien culture and its sexuality, come to understand what turns the aliens on and learn how to perform satisfying alien sex.
Yeah, that sounds really boring to me. Maybe that's because alien sexuality is pretty far down my list when it comes to what I'd want to explore in a game.




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