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June 23rd, 2013, 22:40
Originally Posted by ChaosTheory View Post
This argument could be made about DLC in general. Why should I pay full price for a game at release, then buy the DLC at full price, when I can wait a few months and get everything bundled together for far cheaper? Does the need to have something "now" or "first" really outweigh the logic of waiting until bugs are fixed, DLC is included and the cost of the total package is drastically reduced?
No, the analogy falls flat.

Everyone knows that games get cheaper as they get older. We know this from the start, and can make an informed decision whether we can wait for a game a little longer and buy it at a reduced price, or we're willing to make a day 1 purchase, or we want the game so badly that we even pre-order it.
On Kickstarter, it's often left unclear whether some rewards will stay exclusive to the campaign, and it's especially not made clear if the same rewards will be offered immediately after the campaign for a cheaper price. That's simply not foreseeable by the customer, and that's why I said it's an instance of screwing over your backers.




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