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June 24th, 2013, 03:26
Then how about romancing a lady that is so exceptional in some way that it wouldn't be possible to get into her pants in real life? Like, say, an alien or a mythical goddess or just someone who is just not on your league? Would that make all the difference?

Because if it wouldn't then combat in games is equally pointless since you can always find a way to do it in real life too - take up a martial art or hunting or paintball or start fights in bars or join the army…

But maybe you don't want to get to all that trouble or even risk hurting yourself when all you need to be satisfied is a taste of simulated, virtual violence? Fair enough… In that case maybe you wouldn't want to ditch or cheat on your significant other, to get a variety of experiences, if you could be satisfied by a taste or simulated, virtual sex.

BTW, despite the above I still maintain that 'about sex' does not equal porn and in fact sexual arousal isn't even a necessary ultimate goal. For instance, can't a game be about sex and still have combat in it like a game can be about an unlikely hero saving the world from monsters without any combat?
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