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June 24th, 2013, 13:23
Still playing Dragon Age - and I've just reached my least favorite section: Orzammar.

This is the test of whether I truly intend to finish the game this time, because I find the Deep Roads especially boring.

I already used the popular "Skip the Fade" mod - because even though I loved that section first time in, it's really dreadful on a replay.

But I'm still having fun - and my opinion of the game is still pretty much what it always was. It's a nice and meaty RPG with decent writing. The combat is pretty good - but with WAY too much filler. The character/RPG mechanics are largely ok - but vastly inferior to D&D 3.5.

Best part of the game is definitely the lore and the Codex. I'm sure the Fade and the magic concepts are "borrowed" from somewhere, but I find them very well done - and probably the best part of the game.

I find myself wishing I liked playing mages - because I have a feeling they're really entertaining in this game. I use Morrigan, but I don't really put much effort into learning the spells or the combos. I just do the obvious and it works most of the time.

We'll see if I finish it - and if I have the stamina left over to complete the expansion.

Other than that, I've been dabbling with Mafia 2 - which I pretty much wrote off upon release. It's surprisingly good and pretty. Not really sure why I was so hard on itů




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