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June 24th, 2013, 13:44
Originally Posted by Menigal View Post
Possibly the same as me; an interesting open-world that seems to go out of its way to prevent you from exploring it? If it just had a way to save the game between missions I would have stuck with it a lot longer.
True, that was a problem - but Mafia was more or less the same way. These games are very story-oriented and I find that they use the open world simply to give you a better sense of place, and to support the magnificent atmosphere.

That's not to say I wouldn't have loved more meaningful exploration, but since I remember loving Mafia to death without it - I'm more forgiving of that than I would be, otherwise.

It's the same thing with LA Noire. Because I fully expected a free roaming open world with a high emphasis on exploration, and I was initially deeply disappointed that the driving portions were more or less completely superfluous.

But once I "got it" - as in the fact that it was basically a highly atmospheric adventure/detective game - I was able to look past it.

I think my main problem with Mafia 2 was the whole DLC debacle. I guess I just assumed it was only half a game because of the way they seemed to be handling it.




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