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June 24th, 2013, 16:37
Stumbled upon this page, and am linking to it just because the #1 spot of the most useless/annoying feature belongs to - Skyrim:

Check the other ones if you want, but this one I'll quote:
Skyrimís wood cutting is the worst feature in one of the best games. Bethesda wanted to ďimmerse players in the daily life on Skyrimís citizens.Ē But I donít want to spend time in a video game doing every day activities when there are dragons to fight and adventures to be had. The repetitiveness of chopping wood at least gives you planks to sell, but the saw mill? You move some logs around and get no benefit out of it. Couldnít developers spend more time fixing bugs and adding content instead of making an interactive saw mill?
Couldn't agree more.
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