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June 24th, 2013, 17:40
I will try to get my monk and artificer into the 18 group asap. My kensei fighter got to 20 so I finally have a second epic toon to run when we get the expansion out late August.

I think the main reason Dte and I struggled with the quest was the lack of dps. The corrupted dryads and Hanselme regenerates hp so fast so the dps from 1 fighter is not enough. The hireling melees were almost useless in contributing. They died a few seconds after being revived due to earthquakes, creeping dooms etc.

Even in part 2 we struggled with the dps since the boss dryad ran to her tree and we had to destroy the tree within a few seconds before she got out again at full health.

If it hadn't been for Dte and I being so stubborn we would have been abandoning both part 2 and 4 long before. I guess we hate losing and want to beat the stupid quests against the odds.

It's probably our own fault since we never realized the bosses could regenerate so fast. We've been running these with full groups and then dps is never an issue.

It wasn't fun seeing Halselme (finall druid boss) fluctuating between 2000-5000 hp all the time regardless of how hard we hit. It reminds me of the damsel in distress in the Jeets quest. Once we got all trash gone we finally managed to kill him. I think Dte's wouldii saved the day because he had a divine punishment going on him when Peters died when we got him down to just 500 hp.
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