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June 25th, 2013, 00:54
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From http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/20…dition-on-hold

"Publisher Atari is the Dungeons & Dragons licence (sic) holder for video games (Baldur's Gate is based on the D&D rule set)"
Incorrect, as of Aug 2011- and not just the sic, since licence is the proper English spelling.

Digital licensing rights for Dungeons & Dragons have been returned to Hasbro.
Places selling D&D games such as GOG or Gamersgate have their agreements with Hasbro/ WOTC now rather than Atari, which is why GOG's versions never disappeared from sale during the above legal issues while they disappeared and never reappeared on steam, for example. The difference for Beamdog is likely to be that they are selling a modified version of an old game, not a new game or an unaltered version, and that requires further permissions above a sale licence (eg right to alter existing works under, presumably Atari's, copyright).
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