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June 25th, 2013, 01:49
Originally Posted by HiddenX View Post
Immersion elements like

baking bread in Ultima,
cooking in Gothic,
sawing wood in Skyrim,
eating rations in Realms of Arkania

adds the little extra to the atmosphere of games - I want more of this

I don't know the case of Realms of Arkania that I didn't played. If what I read and remember is right, this one ins't repetive but there's no reminder for an element vital to do.

In all other cases it's more than just some brainless repetitive clicks:
  • Baking bread was involving some thinking or at least experiments, or perhaps instead of "real life" analogy there was also a recipe somewhere, I don't remember.
  • Cooking was later changed to allow cook multiple pieces in 1/2 clicks, I don't remember if in 1&2 there was a hidden shortcut to make 10, I think the 2 had that. But also there was behind a little bit of management, hunting, meat, find a pan, find a fire, make a break/pause, cook, save some sleep or even heal a bit between two fights. I felt it wasn't that bad despite the repetitive click because it was a break/pause both in real and in game with the mood.
  • sawing wood, very repetitive, no thinking and no management. But few bits of dialogs around it totally save the thing, you just need not do it again after to have tried once.

Perhaps a bit questionable but seen in many games, is a bit of healing through drinking at a water source, and involving many clicks for a larger healing. But it could be justified by arguing that it can help some helpless players and others shouldn't use it more than 1/2 times.

It becomes wrong when it's mandatory repetitive basic clicks or if most players will feel forced to do it, typical are MMORPG. Otherwise it's just 2/3 clicks, or when there's more like management, find the trick, some dialogs around, a good mood build, and so on, it's cool.
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