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June 25th, 2013, 02:24
I doubt resellers like GOG are not an issue. If they sold enough copies to notice I'm sure Atari would be all over those royalties too.

Keep in mind this is being held up in Bankruptcy court. This is the real problem: creditors are trying to get a piece of whatever royalties are left to escrow.

On the licence issue, sic stands for "spelling is correct" ICYDK.

Interplay sold the assets off years ago - looks like Atari managed to acquire them for BG. I remember talk of a BG3 a couple of times - Obsidian was the last to make big news about it until the EE's came out.

As for the d20 OGL, remember it was pulled. No one is allowed to make anything under the d20 or 3e license now (without special permission).

Of course, these are just trademarks. Just a reminder, game rules aren't subject to copyright laws (re: SW:KotOR).
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