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June 25th, 2013, 07:54
On the licence issue, sic stands for "spelling is correct" ICYDK.
Sic is latin, not an acronym. It means that the spelling is correctly transcribed even if grammatically incorrect eg "She runned (sic) to the bus"
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How did Atari get Baldur's Gate? Did Interplay sell it to them?
On August 7 2008, or thereabouts Atari and Interplay settled their licence dispute over D&D, which included transfer of BG, IWD, PST etc to Atari. The later (2011) settlement reverted all of those to Hasbro/WOTC. The only vaguely D&D related stuff that Iply still owns is 'Dark Alliance' (but not BGDA itself, due to the BG part) as that was not D&D or Baldur's Gate specific.
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