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June 25th, 2013, 11:01
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
Damn you, Dart. You made me reinstall DA:O I will definitely get Skip the Fade installed as well. Totally agree with what you said about the Fade. And I *hate* deep road as well. I usually quit the game when I reach Orzamma as well. I hate politics, I hate Dwarfs, I hate underground, 'nuff said.
Hehe, well - it's a pretty good game so enjoy!

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of politics either. I suppose it's nice that they're treating the whole thing seriously - but I just find the whole section boring.

Interestingly, I actually love that kind of dwarven atmosphere and architecture - but the actual gameplay during Orzammar is really boring. IIRC, there's also a rather large section where you're forced to play with an NPC that takes the spot of one of your regular party members. Something I always hated about certain Bioware games.

You spend the whole game trying to build a solid group setup - and then they force you to switch some of them out instead of simply adding the occasional NPC to your party. Pisses me off




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