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June 26th, 2013, 04:51
3. Cut Scenes You Can’t Skip

Cinematic breaks can be a powerful tool for developers when used right. They add story and flair that couldn’t be added with the player in control. However, as a gamer I should have the right to skip it if I want to. Especially if I am replaying the game for a second time and know exactly what’s going to happen in the cut scene even before it plays. This is a feature that can ruin the excitement of gaming and destroy any chances for replay value. I’m looking at you L.A. Noire.
This x10000000.

Major sin, made even more grievous if compounded by a shitty checkpoint-style save system that has you not only replaying entire areas, but enduring the same unskippable bullshit ad nauseum.

And for the record, I like all the mundane stuff. I consider it a plus.
Keep the wood mill in Skyrim, in fact there needs to be a paper mill and a bunch more manufacturing
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