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June 27th, 2013, 15:11
Unless Aletys has made a lot of progress or chooses to do other things, we won't be running 18s. Pretty sure her top dog is still at 13, although she was on the ceiling so she could get as far as 15 in a real hurry.

As mentioned before, Shadohe is lvl14 and has completed all the content prior to GH. I've got absolutely no problem repeating stuff if those are the toons we end up running. Running on elite, I don't think she'll screw up anyone's bravery bonus.

The lvl18 squad has completed all the level 16 content. It's possible that someone missed something since we didn't actually complete the Vale at the same time, but I'm pretty sure everyone got everything. Those toons can safely take their level 19 if they've got it (Wouldii already did). We've got 3 chains available in level 17 content: Reavers, Harpers (Druid's Deep), and Harbinger2. I believe most of us have done the outdoor stuff in Reavers and that's fairly easy for someone to solo if they need it, so we'll probably ignore that for now. I'm thinking we knock out the Harpers chain first whenever that group runs. It would be fairly easy with a full party *grumble grumble*. Then we move on to Harbinger2. We've basically got 4 levels of content to get 2 toon levels, so we should have plenty of options for what we decide to run, even the 3rd lifers.
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