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June 27th, 2013, 18:40
I'm not much of an indie game fan, but this one sounded interesting so I bought it. While the period of the Conquistadors has minimal appeal to me, it's the overall exploration and strategy that's got me hooked. I've played quite a bit now, and I feel it's more than worth the $20 I paid.

There's enough depth to exploration to keep it interesting and the random RPG elements are really neat. I wonder how much replayability it will have though, as there are only a handful of characters to choose from and you do start seeing the same random events occur over time.

One thing that is really driving me batty is that you can't spin the camera or even tilt it— making exploration on the worldview and combat on some maps very difficult because you can't see many of the units or spaces to which they can move due to trees, buildings, etc. What's worse is that the game seems to take advantage of this at times, hiding enemies and such, which I think is a bit cheesy.

Ranged combat is all but worthless, and I have to think this mechanic is broken. Luckily you really don't need it if you level some of your other characters with "hunting" in mind.

It was also a tough game in the beginning, but I'm about 1/2 through it now and I've found it to have gotten very easy (normal difficulty) so balancing is an issue. I never lose characters in combat anymore, and rarely are they below half life at the end, despite facing greater odds. I'm also never running out of food while traveling, which happened quite frequently when I was still on the "tutorial" island of Hispaniola. With higher levels and tech, managing your army's mood later in the game is basically a nonfactor, which is too bad because the fear of imminent revolt added to the suspense in the early going.

All that said, it's got that "one more turn" appeal that's truly a special thing. Overall I'm very pleased with it and will likely buy the expansions.
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