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June 27th, 2013, 19:57
The topic of story, again…

The primary feature in a game is unsurprisingly the gameplay. You might want to tie the gameplay with a story though. You must distinguish at this point between players who want to be told a story and players who want to elaborate their own story.
Computer games have proven times after times they struggle in the first category and shine in the second category.

It all depends on the expectations: most players are very satisfied with stories of the quality level of a teenage personal diary (and not one who is going to win a Nobel prize in litterature) so anything goes.
As long as there is a story in their game, they are happy. Knowing if storytelling is improving makes no sense in these conditions.

Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
I would disagree so much. When I play Crusader Kings 2 there is no story (you could imagine one in your head). You make your own story. So why then can't the same be for RPGs. There is a world there and you make your own story. Why did it all turn into an interactive movie with gameplay almost an afterthought? (Bioware!)
A story is a recounting of situations. Most games tell a story. CK2 cant escape the rule.
As you grow your dynasty, a story is told. As it is told in so many other games, by stringing situations.
In CK2 though, the focus is not the story though, strategizing the growth and rise to power of your dynasy is the focal point. The story only comes as a by product.
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