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June 27th, 2013, 21:13
Most of what I've found has confirmed that it's probably a good nostalgia buy for people who really liked the original and is something that should make the people who backed it quite happy. If the concept of a Leisure Suit Larry remake didn't excite you enough to want to back it in the first place, it might not be for you. The best jokes in it, the ones that aren't just normal leisure suit larry jokes, puns and cultural references are the ones that are best described as inside jokes for fans of the series. Otherwise it may come across as needlessly clunky and gratingly crude with the point of some of those things lost without the nostalgia.

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I wonder how many upcoming kickstarters will end up being like this one though - stuck in the idea of being a nostalgia project rather than bringing back the things that we loved without necessarily including baggage we didn't.
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