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June 28th, 2013, 02:02
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
I'm sad to say this but they would have probably squandered the money. They decided after their kickstarter, but during their Indiegogo campaign that their game's focus would shift radically (their words, not mine). They came up with an entirely new game concept. I had already pledged by that point. That's not only a bit facepalm-worthy, it's a huge blow to your backers. But then that's exactly the kind of thing that will happen sooner or later in the crowdfunding scene and it will make people a little more leery of unknown individuals/ studios.
Not sure it was an "entirely new game concept", it was still an isometric RPG, but a lot of us had suggested that they move away from the well worn dragon/elf/dwarf fantasy stuff and come up with something a bit more original and they took that on board after the failure of the original Kickstarter.

I think some of these projects make life difficult for themselves by not doing enough pre-production work - they jump into the mechanics of making something and then try to hang an art style, world and story onto it, rather than starting off with the ideas first and then trying to find out if implementing them is feasible. Just like with a movie the script, the design and the planning needs to happen up front and you don't start shooting the movie when you haven't even decided what it's going to be about.
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