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June 28th, 2013, 02:13
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
Not sure it was an "entirely new game concept", it was still an isometric RPG
eh yeah, but that's probably where the similarities ended. Things I remember from the top of my head that were new:

- "historical" RPG (despite the fact that it seemed pretty magic heavy still)

- centered on a single city, different districts becoming available as game progresses

- factions much more important

Again, it's their own words that the game changed drastically, I don't make that up.

but a lot of us had suggested that they move away from the well worn dragon/elf/dwarf fantasy stuff and come up with something a bit more original and they took that on board after the failure of the original Kickstarter.
They could have done anything they wanted after their failed kickstarter. The problem is they simultaneously opened an Indiegogo campaign. When I pledged, I didn't pledge for the "new" design (that wasn't even being talked about when I pledged). Since I was using PayPal, I would have had to contact them to ask for a refund. I had only pledged a small amount though for the very reason that their KS had seemed a bit chaotic.




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