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June 28th, 2013, 15:46
Originally Posted by Frozen Fireball View Post
Is this a bad RPG to the core or just buggy and unfinished? I mean let's imagine there are no bugs. Is this game any good?
Well - it's certainly buggy and unfinished. The absolute worst thing about it, that makes it essentially unplayable for me, is the look at your feet view. There are also some bugs with movement. Your actions have little connection with what they are acting on in combat, when opening stuff etc. Combine that with other obvious bugs and a general lack of polish and it would be poor effort at an early beta.

As to whether the game would have promise if it could be patched up, I think that it may, I get the feeling that some of the mechanics may be interesting. But, as things stand you'd need to be pretty masochistic to find out. As to the graphics they are just a bit outdated and the character modelling is low polygon & coarse, could live with that, but really it's consequence of their decision to do everything from scratch in house, which is thoroughly misguided IMOP.

Looks to me that they totally underestimated how long they'd need to make the game and were forced to release it through lack of funds.
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