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June 29th, 2013, 01:35
Hi guys,

I'm Abel B. from Azurite Games (formerly Autoloot) behind Dark Triad: Conspiracy. First of all, I must agree with most of what you say.

We assume many mistakes during both preproduction and production time. There are so many things that conditioned this ending, but it all comes to bugdet in the end. Switching to Unity too late? it depends on how you see that. Obsidian will discontinue its propietary engine Onyx and move ahead with Unity. This "change" is not deadly for them. For us it was. Should we have started with Unity since the very beginning, we had found out much earlier what was possible or not technically-wise, and we would have had many features ready that would have taken us months to code in XNA. Isn't that we couldn't implement them, but the amount of time required was too much for our budget. And the problem now is that we spend all our OWN money (the contributions on the site and indiegogo, that we will refund in the coming months, amount to a 1% of the budget spent)

Of course having only one programmer, and then some part-time programming support guy didn't help much, but I think we the producers are the ones to blame for taking the wrong decisions. We also addressed a myriad of things, but this of course doesn't permeate to the public, what you can only see is if the game is launched or not. Also there are some issues due to unforeseen circunstances that affected some of our teammembers. When this happens, you can't replace them during their absence as would happen in a professional company.

The wisest thing is, should we work again on the game, do it in silence until the game is advanced enough to be kickstarted or launched after having addressed past mistakes. To end this post, it is said that in the US, companies regard with good eyes when entrepreneurs have failed some times on their projects, as you learn more from your mistakes than things done right.
There's always a reason for failure, be it that we are destined not to make rpg games or that the next attempt will be much better.

Whatever it may, thanks guys for at least taking the time to follow the game updates.

Abel B.
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