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June 29th, 2013, 12:50
I saw World War Z last night.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'll eventually see a major film this year that doesn't disappoint me. I really thought WWZ was going to buck the trend of generic cliches in movies like this. I was wrong.

It's not completely terrible, but it is completely average. Basically, it's an American version of 28 Days Later. Zombies that sprint fast enough to make a track athlete jealous, and people turning within 10 seconds of being bitten.

What started as a seemingly decent plot ended up being a huge letdown for me. I won't spoil anything except to say that it completely changes direction about halfway through and imo not for the better.

It's probably a decent enough popcorn flick for most people, but crank your expectations down a notch if you were looking for something special.
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