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June 29th, 2013, 23:30
Looks like Turbine is back to monkeying with long-existing systems for the sake of monkeying with long-existing systems. At least this time it looks like minimal/no nerfage.

They are also previewing alpha-2 of the enhancements. I'll comment on them when I look through and understand them better.

The main change is that various bonuses that formerly stacked will no longer stack.

This means: Dodge, Exceptional Skills will no longer stack with different levels of the same. However, existing numbers are doubled. So a Dodge 2% item will soon be 4%. An Exceptional Skill +3 will be +6.

This has a profound effect on GS items with exceptional skills, such as my CHA skills items. However, I do not know if old items with these modifiers will be altered retroactively.

Also, due to everyone and their goat having True Sight/Detect Secret Doors clickies, the devs are revamping those spells so they can actually place secret doors which require searching rather than being level 5 and having completed Threnal and Delera's Tomb at least once.


Cleric Enhancements have been improved. Not much, Healing "Domain" was renamed back Radiant Servant, still marginally bad due to massive waste in points to get to what you actually want. Protection lost the fake "Domain" at the end, still sucks. There's a new tree though, Divine Disciple. It's actually good. +2 Necro/Evo DCs, spell power for light, fire, and force, and additional Spell choices in negative energy and light spells. Including some I've made good use of as a Druid.

So while the War Priest is lacking, they did put in a caster PrE tree. And initial feedback is that, other than "Dark" Clerics being shafted somewhat in the SLA department, it's actually pretty decent.

*Edit 2* They are apparently remodeling the Harbor. The dragon who keeps landing in the market came in after eating a particularly nasty burrito, and.. um… had an accident.

*Edit 3* Some of the faith-based feats formerly only available to Favored Souls will be available for a regular feat slot for Paladins and Clerics. Also, the level 6 abilities, like Unyielding, will be auto-granted feats.

*Edit 4* Items are being upgraded again. Some of the old effects now have differing levels, like Axeblock VI granting DR12 vs Slashing damage. There are also Cursed items shown, with penalties when equipped (but this lowers the ML). You can also find Masterfully Crafted items with lower ML as random-gen.

*Edit 5* C is for Cookie. That is good enough for me.

*Edit 6* Someone has reported Running With the Devils damage being 80 a shot on elite, instead of 120-150, like pre-U14. And there's an Epic feat that grants perma-Haste.
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