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June 30th, 2013, 13:10
Urgh, I hate vinyl records for as long as I can think back because of the scratches and all. Listening experience with my horrible old record player was … urgh. It made me afraid of vinyl, so I rather bought cassettes.
But cassettes can go all haywire, so the moment the CD came, I bought CDs. Now CDs can have get holes and all, so the moment I could rip them to MP3, I did. Now I have suitcases filled with CDs in the attic and HDDs filled with MP3s. Regularly backed-up HDDs, of course!

I also like what Amazon did with their cloud player … most of the CDs I bought back to 2000 are available as free downloads now. Saved me several hours of searching through the suitcases in the attic last night, as I found out that I hadn't ripped one of my CDs after all. Luckily I remembered that I had bought it via Amazon back then, and luckily it was one of those available as MP3 downloads.

As for what I'm currently listening to:
Yeah, being nostalgic.

Originally Posted by pibbur who View Post
Pibbur who considers Magma one of his favourite bands.
Ah yes, I love Magma as well .
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