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June 30th, 2013, 12:59
This looks incredible, love the in-game sprites being used for cut scenes too.

Most iOS (and not only iOS I guess, but the lack of effort and wealth of crap is second to none on that platform) games suck but this is just a dude passionate about what he's doing and seemingly good at it too putting his game out on all the platforms he's able to. No reason to hate on it before seeing what he'll accomplish, especially with this start.

The Spiderweb games aren't any worse on iOS than they were on PC. Good retro CRPGs with next to no changes for the additional platform they're now getting published on.

There are many other great ports like that. And for meaty games that were on iOS first/only, Hunters 2 is a pretty good turn based strategy game, there are a few really good and complex 4x strategy games, roguelikes, and many of the board/card style games are also great and have as deep mechanics and as solid design as any.

Anyway, again, this looks great, and I feel similarly for it as I do for Telepath Tactics. Keep them underserved awesome genres going, all you talented folks.

That said, Kickstarter management is shitty and willingly allows scammers just to make an extra buck while reprimanding people who speak out against it so I'll just buy the game when that is an option and not give a dime to them, only to the developer (and whatever sales portal, if any is used, I guess).
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