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July 1st, 2013, 04:10
I noticed this earlier but I refuse to click on the article. This writer, Patricia Hernandez, is an infamous journalistic troll that lives to incite controversy for the sake of page views.

This is her order, FYI: 2 > 3 > New Vegas > 1 - Notice how she annoys both longtime fans and Fallout3 fanboys in one fell swoop.

Regarding a "real" order, I'd likely go 2 > NV > 1 > 3. If 3 had better writing (and by better, I mean something resembling more than a pre-school picture book) I'd consider putting it in front of 1. Bethesda's entrance into the franchise had a lot of atmosphere going for it, IMO. From the Cthluhu location, to slavers w/ a behemoth in a cage, it was overlflowing with personality - personality that unfortunately got muted every time an NPC delivered its lines and you couldn't help but let out a groan.

Oh, and while 1 had considerably fewer pop-culture references (a good thing imo), it was chock-full of annoying little things that 2 improved upon: timed waterchip fiasco, Ian shooting you in the back, and getting stuck in a small room because your buddy won't move the hell out of the doorway.
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