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July 1st, 2013, 09:54
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
That's a bit unfair. Software development is about iteration, in the same way as every creative endeavour, such as painting or novel writing, are. Noone gets everything perfect from the get go. If we try to constrain crowd funding projects to do exactly what they say on the tin, then the result will be crap if anything actually gets released at all.
I think, if someone had kept a tight rein on this project, it would have become clear that they cannot afford to develop everything by themselves from scratch and then go from there, with all the manhours that entails - not if the crowdfunding fails anyway, which needs to be considered as well. The decision to use Unity could have come earlier; I think people like Feargus would have offered their advice even before a kickstarter campaign was running.

The fact that they listened to their backers and changed so many things is a good, not a bad thing.
I'm not so sure there. Some of the advice they were ostensibly thankful for were very basic things about i.e. making an RPG. Also some of the questions they asked in the middle of a campaign to finance the game made me wonder if they really had planned the game's design thoroughly prior to launch.




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