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July 1st, 2013, 10:03
I haven't played FO2 enough to accurately rate it. I suspect I wouldn't like it all that much - as I gather many of the FO:NV team were behind it.

Personally, I think FO3 (modded) is - by far - the best Fallout game out there. That's because I'm much more about exploration and immersion than writing.

FO3 has really bad writing, I have to admit it. But if you use the right mods - you can turn the mechanics around and make the gameplay quite good and interesting.

Fallout 1 is a very good game - but I hated the time limit and I find that it's too short.

NV was bland and downright ugly and clunky - and while the writing is certainly superior - the whole desert/Vegas setting does nothing for me.

So, can't say I think her opinion bothers me and I somewhat agree with her.

Then again, opinions never bother me on a personal level - especially not when the person behind them can articulate the reasons for having them.




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