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July 1st, 2013, 12:42
Personally I found F2 better than F1. But I hardly remember the difference at all. Just remember that F2 was like F1, just bigger and better.

With F3 and New Vegas that was a different story.
Personally I enjoyed Fallout NV more, but both games had their advantages and disadvantages.
Actually I disagree about the bad writing in F3 and I think that this is actually one of the strong points. Not that it was bad in NV but in F3 I found it more memorable. Like these vampire guys, little lamplight, Megaton and the intro. The stories in NV seemed more generic to me. Setting wise, I don't like the focus of New Vegas which for my taste brings to much humor into the game and "breaks" with the rest of the world.
Gameplay wise F3 was a lot of grind. Fast traveling often resulted in annoying fights, the whole sewer stuff consisted of floors full of grind. Fallout NV however focused a lot more on the story and the combat was more of an instrument. And I prefered to have it this way, however Fallout NV also brought tons of bugs or semi bugs. With each and every quest you basically had to change a wiki to be aware of all possibilities you have and what might happen in a quest. With doing Quest A before B you might break Quest B. So you had to do B first. On the Way to B you might stumble over an object which makes the impression you missed something. So you check object C and find out that the random response you get is originally thought for Quest D which you might never see because you chose a different path - but you still get the response which does not make any sense to you anyways.

So between F3 and NV I'd say:
Better Gameplay: NV
Better Story: F3
Better Setting: F3
Better Storytelling: NV
Better Polish: F3

F1 and F2 are just too long ago to compare to each other or to the new games. But I'd be interested in hearing why F1 should be better than F2.

Besides of these 4 games there is the one Fallout Game which did not click at all for me: Fallout Tactics, though I am a big Jagged Alliance fan.
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