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July 1st, 2013, 16:21
First thing I noticed about the article is that the links at the end didn't work (thanks GBG).

Blog (couple of excerpts here and not much else, but anyone who subscribes will be notified when my novel is finished)

Regarding text adventures, several people have suggested I could probably whip one out with some of the resources ginned up for Cyclopean. It's true that I could, but those kinds of games have a very limited audience, an audience I myself haven't been a part of since the days of Enchanter and Planetfall (though I was very proud of myself, at the age of 13, for finishing the latter without any kind of cheat guide or help).

I think my time is better served writing stories and novels which could potentially be much more widely read. I'd still love to contribute to CRPGs as a writer and animator, and am doing so in a small way for both Age of Decadence and Dead State.
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