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July 1st, 2013, 23:14
Every few weeks I come across a new mod for Skyrim I think needs some attention. The mod this time is called Helgen Reborn. It can be downloaded off the nexus.



From the author of Fallout: New Vegas' 3rd most endorsed quest mod of all time, comes my most ambitious adventure yet! Simply put, Helgen Reborn is THE definitive quest mod for rebuilding Helgen! Learn the legend of The Keepers of Hattu as you reunite two old soldiers and are thrust into a decades old feud with a ruthless and powerful Justiciar from the Aldmeri Dominion. Recruit and train your own town guard or ask for protection from the Empire or Stormcloaks. From uncovering an underground slavery ring, to fighting for your life in exciting battles in a secret new arena, many other adventures await as the workers rebuild the town step by step! You'll be rewarded with your own private tower in Helgen which includes the most interactive and dynamic display museum in Skyrim!

If you enjoyed other Mike Hancho mods, you will be blown away by Helgen Reborn as this is my biggest project yet, and has been in development for nearly a year! And of course Helgen Reborn sets the same quality standards for a quest mod that you've grown to expect from a Mike Hancho project!

  • Fully voiced with 20 of some of the best actors in the community
  • Easily 4 to 6 hours of game play (that is a VERY concervative estimate)
  • Three new sets of armor
  • Mike Hancho's meticulous attention to detail
  • Great story and characters
  • Private Tower player home
  • Interactive display room that transforms as you play the game
  • HUGE cavern to display stuffed creatures
  • Completely transforms Helgen into a vibrant community
More information.
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