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July 2nd, 2013, 01:22
You can play on your own, yes; 99% of the game is indeed solo content (which is a complaint for some). There are 10ish? dungeons that require a group scattered throughout the game, but these are optional while you run through other content.

What I wrote above covers the first 3-4 weeks of your TSW experience. Unfortunately, once you've completed your main story quest and each of the *many* side quests once, the game dumps you into a quandary:
  • Repeat your choice of side quests for the sake of experience and unlocking more skills (there's on the order of 500 skills you can unlock for different builds)
  • Run dungeons to very gradually collet tokens through which you can upgrade your equipment.

Therein lies TSW's only major fault - once you experienced its wonderful story and have come to gradually unlock the skills you prefer to use, there really isn't much to do beyond upgrading equipment simply for the sake of doing so (there's a single raid in the game that requires full upgraded characters but I don't consider it much of an impetus towards grinding tokens). The slowly evolving story and gameplay that you have come to love all comes to a sudden halt. That is not to say that TSW doesn't deserve to be played because of this - most definitely the contrary - but you'll eventually find yourself having to decide whether to abandon the game while waiting for new content or to jump into dungeon content with a different mindset.

Speaking of that new content, the latest update, Last Train to Cairo, contained some of the most fun I've ever had in a game, MMO or otherwise: leaping from boxcar to boxcar on a speeding train while music faintly reminiscent of Indiana Jones played in the background
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