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July 2nd, 2013, 11:38
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I understand the open world bit, I think - but the "plain sight" thing I don't quite follow.

I mean, in a game like Fallout 3 - most of the areas you can explore are "right there" when you come across them. Obviously, you have to actually come across them - and maybe that in itself is more enjoyable for you?

Bioshock Infinite had areas that weren't immediately apparent - but it's true that if you're an experienced gamer - they were hard to overlook, if you tried exploring everything.
I guess what I mean is that there is a lot less choice overall. For instance, you would usually emerge into an open area (typically a sort of smallish town square), and you would see almost immediately that there was, at the most, 2 or 3 different corridor-style paths you could then take.

Then of course there were some houses and stores you could enter along the way that would typically include some trash cans and cash registers for you to pilfer, and perhaps a safe. If you were lucky, there would even be another room upstairs or downstairs which would be similar.

It's not comparable to an open-world game where you can scan the horizon and perhaps see a dozen different things that might interest you and then be able to approach them from any direction you like.

I think we get each other's gists by now though.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I don't really agree - though I see your point. The game is linear on the overall scale - that's true. But the actual levels felt reasonably open to me, and I had to pay attention to experience everything.

To me, it's not essential that I could potentially overlook areas. It's more important that I'm rewarded for my efforts to explore - and even though an area is reasonably obvious - the key is that exploring the area is rewarded with some unique or interesting content.

Obviously, being pushed to experience everything is not good for exploration, but that's not at all how I felt in BI. I think lots of players will miss a lot of the optional content.

But it's quite ok with me that we don't agree.
Fair enough. Although I don't see a lot of players missing much optional content unless they're trying to rush through the game.
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