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July 2nd, 2013, 13:08
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
You're talking about loot, art assets, etc. Yeah, it's great to have high-quality content, but I'm talking about the limits of the actual areas and the way you can traverse them. I understand what you're saying though, and I agree that it's part of the exploration.
Yup - though by "art", I actually meant the paintings and stuff you find along the way.

Exploring the areas is definitely part of the exploration

And yeah.. BI was definitely much better than most Bioware games in that aspect. Their games since the the BG series have been terrible in regards to exploration. The only exception was DA: Origins + expansion which had a decent amount things you could find. Even then, that was only if you didn't abuse the Tab key.
Agreed. I'm playing DA at the moment, and exploration is really limited. Ok, you do find lots of Codex entries - but it's just a pop-up and a bit of text.

I find the tab-key essential - and wouldn't dream of playing DA without it. Same goes for Baldur's Gate

Well to be honest, there aren't really a lot of true open-world games to begin with. But yeah… I was thinking mainly of TES and Gothic/Risen.
Not THAT many, but I tend to count games like Divinity, Goldbox series, Fallout, and so on. Some of those have OK exploration - but I find that almost all of them suffer from areas feeling generic.

Even in Gothic and Risen - most caves and areas feel very similar.

In games like SS2 and BI - I find that almost all the areas feel truly unique. Obviously, they're smaller and not freeform - but I'd rather have less unique content than a ton of generic content. It's a balance, really.

Skyrim is unique in the balance between a MASSIVE amount of content - and a staggering amount of unique "bits and pieces" - even if a lot of people apparently consider it very samey.

We're all different in that way, I suppose.




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