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July 2nd, 2013, 17:37
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
Yce had become kind of almost "infamous" for his interpreting of TDE things - for example, his Dwarves never looked like TDE Dwarves. Only like "small men".
But still - his artwork pretty much defined a huge part of the 2nd & 3rd TDE edition works
True. I guess I am influenced more by the b&w illustrations in the original first edition rulebook, and some of the early adventures, that's what I still associate with DSA most strongly.
Anyway it's just a personal preference and not a big deal, I actually don't pay much attention to covers, and there are plenty of examples for excellent games with horrible cover art. I just remember this case because I bought SOR in a game collection (one of these "20 games super gold box" kinda deals), not even being aware what it was, and didn't touch it for a year because I thought the cover looked cheesy . When I finally fired it up I was surprised at how good the game was, and how different in tone to what the cover had suggested to me. This was before the time I became a more serious CRPG fan, so the Realms of Arkania series was in fact unknown to me back then.
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