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July 3rd, 2013, 06:05
Originally Posted by fiorel View Post
Hi folks,

I just finished a new release for my game: http://darkfire-rpg.com

It's a retro roguelike online RPG game. The graphics are probably aweful, but the game is fun

There is lots of new stuff, but most importantly I have redesigned the resource system.

I would be most grateful for anyone who likes to test the game a bit. I need some help to figure out if the new systems works well, is easy to understand and at least halfway properly balanced. Any kind of feedback is welcome.
I think this game has great potential. It has a very Ultima 7 feel to it. I rolled a Warrior. So far I've explored a bit, attacked a LOT of ants, and have a chair in my inventory. You know, for when I get tired of travelling. But I was sad I couldn't do anything to the barrels. I have to interact with my barrels you see… I like the detail that has gone in to this (from what I've seen so far). I'd say the weak link is combat. It appears that everything near you makes a beeline for you, enemies attack many rounds in close proximity to each other, you're not too sure if they're hostile or not unless you look at the combat log, and attacking appears to be a clickfest. My constructive criticism would be to slow down combat, perhaps change the mouse icon to something else when hovering over a hostile, and make combat a little more interactive? Also perhaps more detail and depth to the quests. So far the initial quest seems very bland. A lot less epic feeling than it should be. Great job so far though, looks like a lot of work went in to the details of this. It just needs some fleshing out to pull people in.
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