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July 3rd, 2013, 08:04

Recently wrapped up SoU. Been playing HotU now and already enjoying it considerably more.

Got a question on henchmen picks… As a rogue PC, I've decided to take Deekin and… who else? I love Tomi's dialogue but obviously he's out since he'd be redundant. So, trying to decide between the badassery of the orc, Daelan Redtiger, and the oh-so-annoying goodie goodie cleric, Linu.

I've barely started the game but have already run into stat damage and disease on my rogue which makes me want to grudgingly take the cleric along despite my reservations on how boring she is and annoying with her use of "dear".

My question: does the need for a cleric continue on through HotU with poisons, disease, level drains, and other generally bad stuff? And, since I can't explicitly tell Linu to cast a specific spell, how is her AI in regard to all the above?

edit: nevermind; I've advanced far enough to realize how transitory these henchmen are…
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