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July 3rd, 2013, 19:49
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Is there any reason to think that a kickstarter funded game will be better managed than one funded by publishers? Quite the opposite, actually…
No and that's been one of the most common misgivings people have had about some of these projects. It may perhaps be somewhat noteworthy to see it play out like this with the first of the big video game kickstarters and the one which kicked off the whole "year of the game" as kickstarter termed it. Considering the amount of press coverage given to this project throughout the general press, it seems inevitable that problems and delays will also be covered to a greater degree than might be the case for less exhaustively reported-on projects.

That is not to say that any new sense of caution or hesitance it introduces into prospective backers might be undue - at least if they did not already understand that it is not unusual for release dates to slip and that they might be downright unrealistic after a project has ballooned to 7 times its original size. It may also serve to remind people that enthusiastic pursuit of creative vision and pragmatic project management can sometimes be at cross purposes. As you suggest regarding these kickstarters, where the creative vision is sometimes unshackled from the overbearing bean-counters of the publisher, that may just be more important to remember.
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