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July 3rd, 2013, 21:55
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Maybe because Bioware has placed much of the focus on that aspect so far?

Regardless, it will no doubt be the job of the PC to stop the war between the Mages and Templars (or choose to side with one or the other) and then rally the different "factions" of Thedas (which of course will include completing various quests in order to gain their allegiances) for the final battle with the dragons, etc.

It's Bioware…
How did they put much focus on it? The official statements about the game don't even mention the Mage/Templar war beside the official website one liner that is between dragons and nations at wars. The trailer doesn't have a single Circle Mage or Templar in it. BioWare focus, so far, has been on the Inquisitor investigating the Fade breach and hunting down agent of chaos.

As for the story, everything I've seen point toward an "detective fighting a secret criminal organization" story and not a "gather your army to fight the evil army" one.
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