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July 3rd, 2013, 21:21
Hi Caddy,

Thank you for your feedback!

You made a really good point about the starter quest. I'll definitly try to improve it.
The whole quest interface is still rather new and work in progress.

The combat system is a more complex matter. The core of the game is indeed a rather primitive "hack and slay" combat system. There is a little interactiveness in combat already, through the use of skills and equipment. The warrior is not heavily depending on skills, although good use of "titan strength" and "battle tactics" can speed things up quite a lot. If you'd try a wizard or a ranger, the interactiveness of skills probably became more obvious.
Shifting equipment is also required for some encounters, because all monsters have special attack types and resistances.

I'm aware that this is not much and the combat system could need more complexity and interactiveness. Given the tile-based nature and screen resolution of the game however, implementing a truely elaborate combat system would be very hard. To some extent I am satisfied with hack and slay, as long as it's nicely done and properly balanced.
Slowing down combat would be easy enough, but without further changes I don't believe that would improve the game.

Your suggestion that the mouse cursor could change when hovering over a hostile is a good one. I'll look into that. Another solution could be to display health bars over hostile monsters. Actually, there already is an animation over the player character whenever you get damaged - it doesn't tell you where the attack came from though.

What would you like to do with the barrels? The first thing that comes to my mind is to make them destructible, so that you can smash them in. They could even drop some loot occasionally.
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