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July 4th, 2013, 05:33
I think my meaning was more on the humorous side in regards to the barrels lol, however, they were the first object I tried to interact with when I started the game. Maybe they can just be containers like chests.

In regards to combat, I personally have no problem with the hack and slash style, I think what i'm trying to get at, is there's no rhythm to it. Sorry if I go back to Ultima 7 example again, but when I play this game I can't help but think of it. The combat was essentially hack and slash as well (i may get flamed for saying that, as it was party based and still had many elements of strategy), but you knew when you swung your weapon, because that 1 frame animation showed it, and when the creature got hit, it blinked red. And although you could click faster, there was a certain cycle of movement. I think your idea of having health bars over monsters is an excellent one and would help combat quite a bit. Unless of course you're going for the mysteriousness of how many hit-points or how much damage your doing for "realism", but I'm going to assume no, because all calculations seem to show in the status text below.

I'm surprised there's not more people giving input on this game, as it seems to ring true to the old-school RPG crowd (which is a good thing).

As for the quest, I figured there's a lot of things which are new as well as "placeholder", so i'm sure there's still lots of things to go through, like grammar and punctuation/capitalization, etc, so I didn't really dwell on those too much. All in all I was focusing on the actual structure, and it seems like a potentially solid and fun RPG.
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