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July 4th, 2013, 12:53
Originally Posted by Nameless one View Post
There are few duels in NWN 2 that are very hard for pure warrior like.
You might need character with decent Cha and diplomacy especially for MotB to experience game properly.Cleric or Favored soul(Uses Cha as main stat, weaker spells than cleric but it gains weapon feats based on diety+ some other bonuses, he can also cast lot more) + some of prestige class would be good, or even paladin this are easy classes to build and to play with.
Hate to be stubborn but I think RP-wise a cleric or any of the deity-tied classes would suit me. Thanks for the tip about CHA though, should I go for something like 14 in it if I pick a Wizard or a Sorcerer?
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