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July 4th, 2013, 14:43
Chances are very good I'm out tomorrow. The Wild Dogs are doing the parade down here and apparently they're holding it later than last year. Probably something to do with 100deg temps at 5pm last year… By the time it's over and I get everyone fed, it will be pretty late.

Feel free to run whatever, though. I'll have the weekend open since the Mrs works, so I can probably catch up if needed. My memory of our status:
Lvl 7's - waiting on Corwin and Leywind, I think we're ready for lvl6 content now. (Klubbir is on track content-wise and holding lvl8, barely into 1st rank)
Lvl 14's - I believe that "group" is ready for Lordsmarch2 and that's it before GH. JM and Aletys might have some lvl11 content remaining that they want to finish, but I don't know their exact situation. (Shadohe has run everything prior to GH and I believe is 3 ranks into lvl14)
Lvl 18/19's - As expected, this group is disintegrating a bit so content completion will be hit-n-miss. We're done with lvl16 content. The lvl17 content to run is Reavers, Harpers, and Harbinger2. After that would be IQ1 (Jeets). (Wouldii has run Harpers and both IQ's, and is 47k XP from cap, my intent was to run RhoGu with this group once Wouldii caps, he's 4th rank of lvl17 IIRC and ready for all the same lvl17 content).

My long term plans, in case anyone is also thinking ahead…
Phuury (lvl24 pale master) will stay up for epic content
RhoGu (lvl17 arty) will probably be my next TR, into an assassin rogue, and will get plenty of exercise working toward capping
Wouldii (lvl19 nun) will probably go into hibernation once he caps
Shadohe (lvl14 monk) will run as needed for Fridays/pickups but not beyond that, at least until that lvl13/14 group catches up
Botdu (lvl8 arcane archer) will probably become my prime solo/pickup runner
Klubbir (lvl7 bard) will stick with her Friday group and only run when they do

Since all 6 of my toons are 2nd lifers, I don't really care about skipping some content or religiously maintaining bravery bonus. That gives me a little more flexibility than some of you 3rd lifers.
Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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