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July 4th, 2013, 16:12
Generally, unless your multiclassing rogue and wizard, dexterity is fairly pointless (on a wizard!). The only thing it grants is a point or two of AC and reflex saves. Your AC is always going to be pitiful on a wizard and your main line of defense will be things like stoneskin, displacement, and… distance. As for reflex saves, while they are very important for certain classes in the midst of traps and enemy fireballs, it's a bad investment of stat points if that's all you're getting from raising dex. It's a better investment for dual wielding melee, archers, and/or rogues.

Constitution, as I outlined above is far more important to your longevity as a wizard. Not only do you get far more health, but it's also tied to your fortitude save (important for resisting death magics as well as poison & disease). 18 starting con is indeed a bit of min-maxing, but, of all classes, wizard has practically the fewest stats tied to it as a class so it's still an affordable expenditure. Nevertheless, 16 starting con is more balanced if you prefer a more balanced character.

As for strength, you shouldn't ignore it simply from a functional character perspective. Characters with 8 strength can only carry 53lbs. You can cast Bull's Strength to help yourself out but I personally find this tedious.
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