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July 4th, 2013, 17:15
Think I'll go with WIS to maintain some sense of immersion. Also saving throws were present in both PS:T and the Kotors and I never bothered understanding them so hopefully I'll get away with it

What about multiclassing/prestige classes and whatever changes, besides the increased cap, MotB brings? I understand multiclassing and prestige classes do not require questing like in DA:O so it's mostly about altering the playstyle and new skills/feats/spells?

Is the character transfer to MotB just about the numbers or is there a story connection (one which could potentially render the transfer theoretically impossible as in DA:O -> Awakening)?

Last and probably least, is there anything I just have to grab from this thread or nwn vault for either of the 2 campaings I'm planning to play (like the apparently famous PrC pack)? I know that NWN2 was a mess upon release and the activity related to the main campaign suggests 2 years of patching weren't enough.
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