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July 4th, 2013, 17:25
Just grab the official patch. I've never encountered half the problems that people like to moan about.

There is indeed a story connection between the OC and MotB. not sure what you mean by the Awakening reference as I have yet to play it. …edit, oh wait, maybe I do - no, there isn't any impregnating demon children and subsequently dying.

Prestige classes… well, let's just say that some of them require planning. Just as a good multiclass build starts with planning before you hit the character creation screen, so too does incorporating a prestige class. Think of them, for the most part, as a specialization of the skills you've been learning all along. I haven't played NWN2 in too long a time to give you accurate advice on where you'd want to go in that realm unfortunately, especially as an arcane spellcaster. All I can say is that they generally have feat and skill pre-requisites.

One thing I just recalled, on skill checks in dialogue. In addition to the standard checks against your bluff, intimidate, or diplomacy skills, there is also often a check against the lore skill. Just as important, you do not need to have all these skills on a single character, you can opt to have your party's various members talk to a specific npc instead of your own character.
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