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July 4th, 2013, 20:42
Originally Posted by mercy View Post
I wrote Tim Cain on the forums that leaving out BREAKING EQUIPMENT from the game takes away the FUN i have with this feature in Baldurs Gate.

Armor should become UNUSABLE or better: make it
Sneaky Breaking Armor = Armor degrades over time, but the game doesn't give you popups about it. You can check out your gear in the inventory and your armor degrades, until it is completely devoid of any AC bonus and it becomes only added WEIGHT that makes you tired faster.
If I recall correctly, only basic armor and weapons could break in BG, never the magical ones. So it became a non-issue pretty quickly in BG, and if it was in you never noticed it in BG2.

Personally I feel it adds little to my immersion, but I don't excactly have a problem with it either. If it's in the game I prefer a system where the weapons/armor is unusable when at the low point, but will never be unfixable, like in the MM games. As long as you have a party these kind of mechanics works alright, it's when I play a single character it can annoy me a little bit (making the repair skill a no-brainer also makes it a useless mechanic at that point, I want choice damnit, and anything I always pick is always wrong… )
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