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July 4th, 2013, 21:47
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post

I totally agree … no clue why people get such religious feelings (which, of course swing both ways on this issue) and a need to misrepresent reality to meet their own narcissistic viewpoints …
I wouldn't call you narcissistic.

More like obsessed to the point of being slightly delusional

Replace PC as the "centerpiece of computing" - come on, txa!

Sure, a lot of casual users have a tablet as their primary - but casual users are pretty far from having the PC as a centerpiece of anything already. So, if - by people - you're talking about a number of casual users, maybe you have a point.

You've embraced the iPad as your main computer - as one of the few "core" gamers I know - and that's cool. But I suspect even you know how rare that is for a core gamer.

As much as you want to come off as realistic and level-headed - you keep coming back to a point that's just not reasonable.

Subtle agendas can be hard to spot - but you simply don't strike me as neutral. You're invested in this - for whatever reason.




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